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Case Study

Avnet Electronics, a division of Avnet Inc., wanted to increase component sales in the smart energy industry including solutions for:

  • Home and Building Automation
  • Metering
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy Generation / Conversion

An aging power grid and ever-increasing demand for electricity are creating new challenges and new opportunities for electronics developers who can offer smarter ways to generate, convert, and control electricity – from the utility all the way down to individual devices.


Avnet was in need of an efficient and convenient way to reach key players and engineers within the smart energy industry and educate them not only on existing technologies currently available but also inform them of forthcoming products that were either under design or just entering the marketplace. Partnering with nearly two dozen suppliers, Avnet wanted a simplified yet powerful solution to deliver technical training and knowledge transfer related to innovations in this emerging industry while dealing with limited partner budgets during the economic downturn. Hosting a traditional onsite seminar and bringing together thousands of audience members was not an option.


Building off its previous success in delivering online forums, Avnet once again turned to New Angle Media's wynd platform. By allowing Avnet and its partners to publish and create in real-time a variety of training content for the Smart Energy Forum, the wynd platform served as an ideal vehicle to syndicate the educational materials needed by its global audience. More the 50 technical webinars were recorded directly online within the forum by industry experts working with or for the supplier partners.


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Registration Site

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Sign In Screen

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Lobby Screen

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Product Center

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Learning Center

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Webinar Viewer


In addition to bringing together hundreds of engineers across the globe, Avnet and its partners were able to provide value to this market segment by driving awareness and sharing expertise. The cost savings realized by leveraging an enterprise-ready content marketing platform allowed Avnet to efficiently share their message, engage their audience, and generate new leads.

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