What is your mobile marketing strategy?

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What is your mobile marketing strategy?

August 14, 2014 What is your mobile marketing strategy? Kelsey Herzog Marketing Specialist

“Tag me in your check-in.” Everyone has said it a time or two but why are we so fascinated with people knowing where we are, who we are with, and what we are doing?

I’m not an expert in human behavior, but I can tell you how we marketers can benefit from this fairly new phenomenon.

Location services and apps have been improving dramatically over the past few years. Developers have produced a number of sites, services, and applications for users to share what they are doing and when they are doing it - and marketing experts are using this to their advantage.

For years, marketers and advertisers have been trying to uncover the hidden tricks behind mobile and location based marketing. Here at New Angle, we’ve been discussing what trends we see in this arena in 2014.  


A technique which pushes ads to you and people around you no matter who you are and what your interests are, will slowly dissolve.

Big Data

With the help of cloud technology and big data, targeting ads and content towards specific people and their interests is foundational to the seismic shift currently underway in personalized and mobile marketing. We will continue to benefit from big data results, helping us to truly understand the mobile consumer. 


Most customers are getting more comfortable with sharing identifiable information with service and content providers; allowing themselves to be geo-tracked and targeted by marketing experts is seen as less intrusive and more beneficial than ever before. Knowing that a consumer can benefit from targeted offers or receive valuable information and services are large motivators that create an eagerness to make their location and specific interests known.

Location-based services can help advertisers and marketers gauge user behavior, transforming this information into real results.

What mobile marketing techniques have worked for you, and what changes do you plan on implementing in your current strategy?  



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