What is dynamic content, anyway?

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What is dynamic content, anyway?

December 10, 2014 What is dynamic content, anyway? Maddie Waldman Marketing Specialist

Dynamic content. You may have heard the term buzzing around online as of late and just thought of it as another trend under the large umbrella of all things marketing.

Well, you are right…to some degree.

Dynamic content is the art of attempting to capture the human aspect of surfing the internet

(as much as possible, that is). In order to change your experience of online shopping and web browsing, and to make you feel less like a robot and like a valued customer, dynamic content is the first leap towards personalizing your web surfing experience. This is an exciting time for marketing experts!

But how does dynamic content help to differentiate you as an individual and make your shopping experience intimate rather than robotic?

The art of this technique is captured by the use of large sums of data compiled from your search history and online behavior.  By the cookies collected from your browsing history, marketers are able to target you as the end user with products that they can assume, based on the data collected, you will be interested in.

Dynamic content approaches you in such a subtle way; you may never know that you were targeted! Companies now have the ability to know, out of all of their products, which ones you would be most interested in and which ones are most relevant to your lifestyle and needs. By using data compiled of your search patterns, businesses have the power to know what you want before you do!

Frightening? Some say yes, but the reality of this new technology is that the online shopping and consumer experience is heightened to a whole new level; a very exciting new level for consumers and marketers. The challenge will soon be for marketing experts to think more on a one-to-one individual level and less on capturing the one-to-millions audience.

You may be saying to yourself, “Personalized content isn’t a new concept!” In the form of email marketing, this notion has been around for quite some time but has only recently has been revolutionizing the junk mail and email blasts we receive daily. Now you see these tailored to your individual areas of interest, delivering only offers and information that you as the subscriber wants to hear about.

Dynamic content is the newest form of marketing, heavily directed at the e-commerce industry. This is a very exciting time for marketers, businesses, and consumers to explore just how powerful technology can be in bridging the gap of machines and human experiences online.

Check back soon for more information on how dynamic content is revolutionizing the marketing industry and how you can be most effective when implementing a strategy into your business model! Have experience with dynamic content yourself? Let us know in the comments how it went or is going for you!





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