Social media marketing: less is more

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Social media marketing: less is more

July 1, 2014 Social media marketing: less is more Kelsey Herzog Marketing Specialist

“Tweet us”, “like our page”, “hashtag to win” seems as if these terms are a part of our everyday lexicon now.

Overloading your audience with content can actually do the exact opposite of what you are hoping. Instead of encouraging sharing and engaging, you could be forcing users to hide your page, resulting in your content not being viewed at all.

Keep in mind these simple tools when pushing text, images, video, and other content out to your followers.

Simplicity is key

Content should be engaging, to the point, and written for your audience. Keep posts short and concise. It is said that shorter posts result in higher engagement.

Reduce your content  

By reducing your content push; you can actually boost your reach and engagement on your social media channels. By decreasing the frequency of your posts, you can actually see an increase in interactions.

Keep it to yourself

If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. Don’t just post to post, but rather only post meaningful content. Participate in conversation, ask questions, give feedback to suggestions, and engage with your online consumers.

Know your audience

Keep in mind that content curation should have only your audience in mind, not what you enjoy or believe to be engaging.

Pick your platform 

Social media is not “one size fits all”, and not all channels make sense for your particular objectives. Research what different platforms have to offer and pair your decisions with what you need for your business to succeed online.

Remember that social media marketing takes time. Creating brand awareness with quality content and commitment to your end goal, will ultimately result in a great online community of engaged consumers for your brand.

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