Online Tools to Organize Your Next Project

Online Tools to Organize Your Next Project

May 3, 2016 Online Tools to Organize Your Next Project Katelyn Waara

Organization is a skill that is often at the heart of a successful project. However, being able to successfully manage and keep track of projects, tasks, and team members involved can be daunting.  This is where online project management tools come into play. With features that enable scheduling work, keeping track of projects, setting milestones, managing teams, information exchange, syncing data, and more, these tools can effortlessly keep you on top of your workload. Here’s a list of six online tools we recommend to keep you organized.


Toodledo is ideal for managing complex projects that are flexible enough to be simplified in a spreadsheet. The interface of this tool is customizable, has notifications, and allows for seamless team collaboration. Simply select your need for your task—goal, length, timer, and status—before you add your task. If you have hierarchical projects, Toodledo allows you to drag and drop them. One exceptional feature, the habits tool, keeps you and your team focused on completing the most important tasks first.


Sometimes, life gets in the way and you never seem to cross the tasks off of your to-do list. Dapulse uses a list of stages for each task in place of checkboxes. Just before you start working on any project you’ll be asked to list all you have to do and add columns for stages after each task. Dapulse uses colored labels for projects such as red for “Rejected”, black for “Blocked,” and green for “Done” and so on. A glance at the online app shows you exactly the progress for each task.

Microsoft Project Online

If you work with a team that utilizes Office (particularly in the cloud with Office365) and uses Skype for meetings, then Microsoft Project Online will perhaps be the easiest way to keep your project together. In a nutshell, this tool is for the Microsoft faithful. It is built around Office allowing you to bring in data from throughout the Microsoft Office suite. Project Online integrates with Active Directory as well so that you can sync data across your organization and devices. With both desktop and online versions, this application has tools that not only set and manage milestones but also helps you view them in Gantt charts, custom schedules, and more.  Simply put, Microsoft Project is the leader in enterprise-level project management software.


Asana is essentially a more advanced to-do list. The simplicity of this tool allows you to create your usual to-do list which can be sent to the dashboard to focus more on due dates of projects. It is the dashboards together with status updates that turn Asana into a tool that manages complex projects. On the project list, just bullet your sub-tasks, tags, and notes and check off each task as you complete it.


Pagico is built for individuals as well as teams. The best thing about this tool is how its customized platform makes you feel like it’s your personal favorite software. Pagico has native apps to quick-add tasks and drag-and-drop features for as many projects as you want. You can also add notes, files and view tasks on a Gantt chart—where you can manage overlaps. Private projects will remain private and shareable ones can be shared across your team.


This tool is ideal for those who use mind maps for scoping out projects. With just a single click, mind maps can be transformed into a project. MeisterTask redefines the use of kanban boards, or a workflow visualization board, often times using sticky notes to communicate projects’ status, progress and issues. MeisterTask has a dashboard which merges all of your project boards. This tool is also automated and you can customize it to suit the way your team works. When you make changes, you can set it to send notifications to other apps as well.

Effective project management involves a tremendous amount of legwork. These online tools take that burden off your shoulders, freeing you up to focus on your business. 



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