How to Execute a Professional Webinar

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How to Execute a Professional Webinar

October 11, 2014 How to Execute a Professional Webinar Kelsey Herzog Marketing Specialist

Webinars, much like many online conferences, live meetings, or presentations, include a broadcast of a presenter’s voice paired with visual slides. This valuable tool is often used for training, education, technical walkthroughs, program launches, product deep dives, or simply thought leadership offerings in your area of expertise.

Webinars can also be used as a great addition to your current content marketing strategy by using cost efficient, real-time marketing techniques to connect to customers or prospects.  Here are some quick, helpful steps to take to ensure you are gaining all of the benefits a webinar can provide.

Determine your objective

Are you hoping to get leads, increase traffic, or just more audience engagement? Tailor your information to your prospective audience and Identified goals.

Develop content with a purpose

Webinars are frequently viewed to gain insight on specific topics, expand on current knowledge, or to develop understanding in new areas meaning they are frequently informative or even educational in nature. Keep this in mind as you create fresh and engaging content for your webinars.

Integrate with social media

Promote your upcoming webinars and events on your established social platforms. Just as with other types of content marketing formats, you want to cover all of your bases and expand your reach when connecting to a potential audience. Create anticipation with teasers for your upcoming event by getting the word out early.  Let your audience know in advance what they can expect to learn content-wise by viewing your webinar.

Maintain your audience

Whether you are launching a new webinar or informing your audience of available on-demand content, make your narrative engaging. Offer seamless ways to engage in Q&A, have a vehicle for users to interact with you afterwards if desired, and be prepared to have a conversation, not deliver a sales pitch. 

Have the right tools

You don’t need to be using top-of-the-line equipment, but you do need to make sure that users can hear you clearly. Have a proper microphone, check the sound before you begin, and review your slides to assure clear communication of your messaging.

Come organized

Just as with any presentation, be prepared....but not too much! You want to sound confident and establish yourself as a professional without sounding overly scripted.  Relax and let your dialog flow naturally.

Follow up

Always communicate with your audience with at least a follow-up email.  Ask for additional feedback and even include an optional survey they can take to provide valuable business intelligence to help tailor your future webinars and other content to the needs of your audience. Integrate all contact information from your webinar attendees into your CRM system as leads to allow for nurture campaigns and other business automation processes as well as micro-targeted follow up promotion of other related information on the webinar topics discussed.

It’s no secret that interactive content like webinars get viewed more often and have a higher engagement rate by users than static content like text. Providing information and marketing messaging through audio and visual mediums is one of the most effective ways to convey knowledge and such, webinars will remain one of the most popular forms of content marketing for a long time to come

Share knowledge and information on topics through webinar tools and create a conversation between your business and its audience.  Contact us today to learn more or to demo our wynd™ webinar tool!



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