Drive traffic to your blog post

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Drive traffic to your blog post

August 29, 2014 Drive traffic to your blog post Kelsey Herzog Marketing Specialist

Do you struggle with keeping the attention of new readers? Is it tough to acquire a consistent follower base to your blog site?

You’re not alone.

It’s easy to write a new article or even produce good content, but getting people to engage with it and share it, requires the use of certain techniques. Blogs, news articles, opinion pieces, and other written content are continuously published online every second of every day. So, in this traffic jam of content, how do you get your blog to become a frequent pit stop rather than just a one-time drive by?

Be innovative with site placement - Don’t just post a link to your blog on common sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Get creative and participate in social sharing sites or focus on smaller sites that have a more focused audience.

Get creative with word choice

Post your content multiple times with different headlines and keywords. Include commonly searched phrases that people will unintentionally grasp at, such as “how to…” or “what is…”

Use imagery or video

Make your images BIG. A blog naturally contains large masses of text, so start your post off with a compelling image or a short video. Use Pinterest or Instagram to network your blog posts across different social platforms in a visual way.

Use what you already have

Share your blog content with friends, family, colleagues, and other addresses in your contact list. Add a link to your blog site in your biographies and your email signature, and also send an e-newsletter showcasing your latest projects.

Network yourself

Life is about who you know, so network yourself. Send your content to other sites that host guest bloggers, relevant places to feature your writing, or even people you know that may be able to help share your content. Use your personal connections and resources…you may be surprised by what you find.

Questions create conversation

Use a question to generate conversation among your followers surrounding your latest post, encouraging your audience to think and engage. People love to answer questions, especially when they feel that they have the best response or can offer thoughtful commentary.

Quotes get shared

Pull readers in with a passionate quote or phrase taken from within your blog. Some of the highest shared content on popular social platforms are quotes and inspirational sayings.  Drive traffic to your blog by sharing a phrase with a link back to your latest post.

Remember that the success of a blog comes from consistency. Make sure that you are sticking to a strategy when posting and create good quality content. Always keep in mind what it is your readers are interested in, want to share, and what can get them to engage with you and other followers.




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