6 Savvy Social Trends

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6 Savvy Social Trends

October 3, 2014 6 Savvy Social Trends Kelsey Herzog Marketing Specialist

Do you wonder how social media directly relates to your company’s marketing strategy, and how to maintain a constant web presence in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing digital landscape?

Marketing has become a “jack of many trades” practice by mixing methods of traditional and online marketing with campaigns and advertising to achieve the common goals of increasing consumer engagement and driving revenue.

In our technology driven world, it’s easy to see how quickly trends come and go and how suddenly new ideas seem dated. With social media being a driving force behind information sharing and new media marketing, make sure your business is staying savvy in the social media space.

Paid Advertising

Most social media sites are now offering paid advertising, and this is just the beginning. Ads will continue to improve and advance as developers cultivate new strategies based on consumer needs. Paid advertising versus traditional marketing is fairly low cost. This technique offers the ability to target certain demographics, directing your ads to consumers in your target groups.

Big Data and Remarketing

By pairing big data and remarketing with your social media efforts, your possibilities become virtually endless. You are able to reach consumers who already have an interest in your brand or product. This means that the weekend getaway resort you were drooling over won’t disappear after you click out of the site. Through the power of remarketing, ads will continue to show up urging you to book that trip long after you have exited the original page. Remarketing is efficient, cheap, highly targeted, and very effective if properly managed by tech savvy marketers.

Have a Publisher Mindset

Quality content requires quality writers. High value and high interest content is what gets shared on social sites by your followers and readers. Have a publisher’s mindset by only publishing engaging content that has a purpose. Having a team of professional writers will allow your businesses marketing team to operate with well-rounded talent for social and digital copy.

Real Time Marketing

Real time marketing has been a trending topic in social media and blog sites. The first thing to remember with real time marketing, it’s a process without a start and end date which requires time and commitment. You want to publish newsworthy and timely content, but it needs to be relevant to your brand. Engage your audience with current events and what’s happening in the now through proper product placement and messaging.

Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

We see them everywhere. Not only on Twitter and Facebook, hashtags have made their way on your favorite TV shows and even breaking news stories. Proper placement of hashtags can have a huge influence on your social media following and retweeting of articles. To make sure you are helping rather than hindering your sites with hashtags, visit How to Become a Hashtag Hotshot.

Mobile and Video

Tablets and smartphones have become the main source of internet surfing, social media engagement, and content consumption, with video being the preferred content format.  And mobiledevices are only going to become more advanced in their capabilities as marketing and technology continue to improve in response to market forces. It’s no secret people want good information fast, which means instant access to high quality content, namely video. With mobile access to content available to us at all times by the touch of our fingertips,  mobile and video are fundamental vehicles for social media marketing that you cannot afford to dismiss.

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