10 Ways to Engage your Community on Social Media

10 Ways to Engage your Community on Social Media

January 8, 2016 10 Ways to Engage your Community on Social Media Katelyn Waara

Getting people on social media to interact and take action—be it liking, sharing, tweeting or leaving a comment—is not an overnight job. Building successful communities around your business requires time, investment, and a lot of patience. You may have “X” number of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform for that matter, but if you don’t have a steady stream of new members joining your community, it defeats the whole purpose of having an online community in the first place. Then again, simply having a large number of followers is not enough—it’s how they interact that counts. How do you ensure your community attracts new followers and drives valuable social conversations? By engaging your fan base on social media.

Here’s a lowdown on 10 effective ways you can increase community engagement.  

1. Be consistent. Consistency—not only in terms of what message you propagate but also how often you do it—is the secret sauce to engaging your community on social media. Remember, your community can grow only when you keep the conversation going.

2. Share interesting but relevant content. Are you serving up interesting content that’s relevant too? If your content entertains or tells your audience something interesting but irrelevant, it’s not going to add any value to them.

3. Create positive impact. Your aim with every blog post, tweet, and update should be to create a positive impact on your communities. The idea is simple: if your followers don’t feel positive about joining your community they won’t spread the good word about your brand.    

4. Listen to the social chatter. Social allows you to listen to what your audience wants and needs. Paying attention to social conversations will help you adjust strategies accordingly to develop a loyal community.

5. Build trust and relationships before selling your stuff. When introduced to someone new, would you respond by telling them about your business? No. The same holds true in case of online communities. Learning about the interests of your audience is key to building and nurturing long-term relationships so this is a great place to start.

6. Get your audience involved. Always encourage two-way conversations as they make every member feel like they are a part of the community.

7. Keep mobile in mind. Mobile has become the primary screen for your audience. So if you’re not ensuring your content is adjusted for mobile, you could risk alienating a lion’s share of your audience.

8. Don’t take advantage of your audience’s trust. Just because people trusted you with their email address or connected with you on a social platform, it doesn’t give you the liberty to spam them. In fact, these actions could easily show you in poor light.

9. Share what you know best. When it comes to adding value to the community, don’t keep yourself from sharing your best tips, strategies, and knowledge. If you set the example, others will follow and this trend of value-addition is a surefire way to increase engagement within your community.

10. Inject a little humor. Incorporating some fun into your posts, tweets, shares, and updates can break the monotony and make your community a lively space.

Today, social media is more crowded and noisy than ever before. Putting these tips into practice can let you cut through the clutter, while making your audience more invested in your brand.




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